My partner and I take time to connect and check in regularly. It’s how we nurture ourselves and each other.

Last week he shared that it wasn’t until he experienced deep stillness during yoga training that he realized how deeply it nourishes and refills him. What he longs for most in the midst of the busyness of life is simply Stillness.

Supporting caregivers of children and those living with illness, we often talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves. Nurture yourself so you can nurture those you love. The conversation then turns to what you can do to take care of yourself – see a friend, schedule some self care, take a yoga class…

It makes sense to look for things outside of the home, to step fully away from your role of caregiver.  But does another to-do list really help you relax and refill? Sometimes, absolutely! Other times what we really need is stillness.

What it is it that most deeply recenters and grounds you?


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